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"Aaradhya International School, Ujjain "is an English Medium Unaided and Co–Education School, where strong Cultural values, National integration & brotherhood are taught to the children. Our School upholds moral and spiritual values. The integral personality development of child is the prime goal and it is achieved through effective education. Our Motto is "To, lighten the future of child through excellent education".
           Our school is owned and governed by Aaradhya Siksha and Shodh Samiti. The school managing committee is formed according to the norms set by the board. The ultimate goal is to inculcation of highest values which should not only be learnt & imbibe, but should be retained & practiced all throughout the life………so that a strong, healthy, mentally aware & socially well-adjusted human being enters the society. Read more....

"Knowledge can only be got in one way,
the way of experience; there is no other way to know."
~ Swami Vivekananda